Monday, January 12, 2009

Confessions...Episode 2

So the guys faced a harsh reality with the female focus group and the style makeover - though Chris came out on top with his "Robert Redford" good looks! Chris gets a makeover (though did he really need it?) and a facial!

Share your opinions of episode 2 in the comments.


  1. watching your show. you are doing "great"..... you seem like the more grounded one (of all the guys) but tell all of the guys to hang in there. It's not about what everyone else thinks of you, it's what you think of yourself. Being authentic is the only way to be. Life is an excuse when you are what others want you to be. Don't waiver Chris....stay true to you.

    You are a leading man!

  2. I was really upset by what the focus group had to say about all of you! I grew up watching all of you guys. I question how they found these women? My girlfriends and I didn’t have the same perceptions and we all range in age. We all change as time passes but you all have that something that had you in the entertainment industry not everyone does! And my girls still see it !! I work in the fashion industry and the people giving you advice should take a a look at themselves ,not so fashionable. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!! My girls are cheering for you!!!

  3. hi chris been watching ya on vh1. I just wanted to tell you i think you are handling yourself very well, i think a couple of the guys are going alittle crazy hahaha anyway just wanted say i love ya and cant wait to see you in something new. Kelly

  4. Watching your show (at the at the beginning) is very interesting in a semi-weird voyeuristic kind of way. Being older (remember we're never really old in our minds) and maybe a little bit wiser, I don't watch alot of actors because I think they're jerks in "real life". For me it bleeds over to the screen persona. I think people that watch you will think they're getting both sides in a package. You appear to be really grounded and would truly appreciate that opportunity. I get the feeling you would handle it much better now, and most likely have more fun doing it and that would translate into good TV or movies. I think you've been wasting your talents. Get back where we can all enjoy the experience...You never know who the person is that gave you that little push back..a thought to ponder. Good luck, I'll be watching.

  5. Dear Chris,

    Just saw you on the VH1 show, Confessions of a Teen Idol.
    I have been a fan of yours since the "Blue Lagoon " years. You were a hottie then...and have only gotten better with age.
    You are also a very talented actor. I know I am not alone when I say, I wish your career would have lasted longer.

    Since I have only seen the first episode, I hope all turns out well for you on the show.
    You definitely deserve another show a new generation what a wonderful actor you are.

    As for your life now? I only wish I had a house that needed a pool installed. lol

    I will stay tuned to see what happens.
    Best Wishes from Chapel Hill, NC

  6. My band 3ball Charlie ( and ) has a song called Christopher Atkins that I wrote as an homage to the Blue Lagoon and the inspiration that the movie had on a prepubescent boy and his covetous desire to be stranded with Brooke Shields, or any girl that nearly resembled her, or any other girl that was available. Please check it out. Thanks.

  7. I agree with Chapel Hill....I wish I needed a pool at my house but feel free to visit anyway! :)
    Here's my thoughts on the second episode...was there any doubt that Chris would be the one the women remember best and thought would have a chance at a new career? Of course not. He's down to earth, seems thankful for the opportunity and willing to work for it. The others confuse me with their attitudes. David seems angry about everything..first episode he didn't like what Scott and Jason did and last night he was upset that the women commented he should just be a model. Billy was upset b/c he was judged on his "appearance"....isn't that typical Hollywood? Isn't that typical life..come judge women by looks so why can't these women do the same? I'm sure the comments are hard to hear but they are putting themselves out there on the show. Chris, you are the one who is going to find the new success you are hoping for b/c you are the "boy next door" type and just a nice guy who deserves it.

  8. Hi Chris,

    Just like everyone else, I adored you in Blue Lagoon and on Dallas. I'm so glad you are getting good reviews on the VH1 show. You deserve it! Please do romantic movies and not horror films! I hate being scared so I won't watch anything gorry. I'd rather see your handsome face. I'm looking forward to a wonderful comback. Best of luck to you!

    Patty (also born in 1961 LOL)

  9. Hi Chris - I felt bad about the focus group comments for the rest of the guys, but that was the point, for everyone to hear a normal reaction to them. I must admin, I was getting annoyed with some of the guys being soooooo upset about the comments on their looks, when I'm pretty sure they've made similar comments about women...and probably still do. It's a fact of everyday life, and most certainly a fact of Hollywood life. I hope everyone does well - and thanks to everyone for sharing on TV!

  10. I just loved watching all of you on confessions of a teen idol.. I remember when I was living in Australia and saw you in Blue Lagoon and thought American men must all look like this, this guy is very peaches and cream.. Over the years I have seen little pieces of your work here and there and I think you look better now than you did early on.. You seem very at peace with yourself. You have a great energy around you and whatever direction you want to take you will get there. I can definitely see you in the same direction as Robert Redford.. He to me is good, honest and wholesome, not to mention a very beautiful looking man. You exude the same inner and outer beauty he does.

  11. Chris,

    I don't watch a lot of reality tv, but with you and Adrian both on the same show I just had to tune in. Unlike many of your other fans, my favorite movie was The Pirate Movie. I have watched and sang along many times. I have to agree with many of the other comments that have been posted regarding the fact that there is still a sincerity and that boy-like innocence in your eyes that will always make you attractive. I wish you all the best.

    God Bless you and your family,
    Cindy R.

  12. Hi Christopher,

    Brrr... From Minnesota! I've never seen the Pirates movie, but saw Blue Lagoon again a few months ago. I remember, at the time, some thought it was a little risque, but I thought it was a sweet story of growing up, discovery, companionship and natural love. It must have been quite a trip to have all that fame washed over you at once. In retrospect, I'm sure you've by now learned all the lessons you care to from that experience. Be careful what you wish for, huh! On Confessions, we of course only see bits and pieces, but I like the way you seem to sit back, observe and absorb. You seem to keep an open and humble mind. Don't ever forget that humble and decent part of lessons learned if you find success again. I think you just might succeed. I certainly hope so, as you appear to be a hard working, good dad, decent, fun loving guys guy. If your ever in Minnesota, (I LOVE beautiful Minnesota, even the extreme winters), come and do some great Walleye or Musky fishing and explore the Boundry Waters (no motors, canoes, backpacks, hard work, bears, moose, stunningly gorgeous, peaceful, nature). It's not Alaska, but it will have to do for me.

    All the very best to you and yours!
    Just a Minnesota girl!

  13. Hi Chris, I am happy for you that you won over the focus group, your define the leading man type, handsome, humble, sincere and a youthful personality. Don't need to stress about what to wear, women like you just the way you are, Have all my support, Maria

  14. Hi, Chris!
    I'm glad to see you and all the fellas getting back into the groove. I watched all of you back in the day and wondered what all of you had been doing with your lives. Even without the "fame" of the past, you all have succeeded in your lives and are "celebrities" to your families and your children. That's all that matters in the end.

    I know the industry is all about appearance, but people need to get real and realize that people look different when they grow up! Some of those women were brutal. I didn't have those thoughts at all after seeing all of you "all grown up."

    Besides, look at the range and longevity of other actors/actresses like Sally Fields, Holly Hunter, and the re-birth of Mickey Rourke. Cute little Robert Sean Leonard has even morphed himself into Dr. Wilson on House.

    And don't feel like you all have to take whatever part comes along. Sidney Poitier refused many a role because the character did not reflect his values. Instead, he worked in other ways to support his family while waiting for roles that were meaningful and those that didn't perpetuate the prejudice of the times. Now, that's class!

    Best wishes to all of you! Ashley

  15. Christopher,

    I want you to know that I am watching VH1's "Teen Idol" show for YOU. I am very happy to know what you've been up to and your plans to return to television and/or film. You look fantastic! I wish you all the best and I will be with you during your journey back to the top!!!

    Love Ya!

  16. Come back are absolutely not. One hot amazing actor I would like to see on TV or the big screen soon YES!!! No other reason to watch VH1 except for you. WE LOVE YOU, Chrissy & Ali

  17. Christopher,

    I fell in love with you after watching The Pirate Movie.......and fell in love with you all over again after seeing you on Teen Idol. You are so charming and classy, and you are by far the hottest guy of the cast!

    I think you still look great and I wish you all the best in every thing you do.