Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Confessions Episode 6

Episode 6 was clearly an epiphany for Chris. Having to pitch himself in front of the Hollywood gatekeepers was a daunting and eye-opening experience. He begins to have his doubts about whether he still has what it takes to return to Hollywood.

Share your thoughts on episode 6 in the comments. Chris appreciates all your messages of encouragement!


  1. Hi Chris,
    You totally handled yourself amazingly. Very confident and attractive.

  2. I don't know anything about Hollywood but I've already messaged you about this show. It does NOT define you. I believe if you WANT it you CAN have it. In my prayers that your dreams and wishes come true.

  3. Hi Chris,
    I agree with the first two comments. You can do it. Just get an agent, if you don't have one, and go to auditions and give it 110%! Your fans have faith in you.
    Love, TammyD

  4. Hi Chris,

    I admire what you are doing! Especially in a VERY tough business.
    You are a great guy with so many wonderful qualities.
    Would love to see you in a romantic comedy...or a remake of a
    classic...like "The Way We Were". You still have "it" my dear!
    Good Luck to you!


  5. I am soo happy to see that you are the great guy that I always thought you were!
    Good luck, and I will cheering for you all the way!
    Biddie x

  6. Hi to Chris from Canada (near Toronto)
    I just watched the episode with the female focus group and wasn't surprised you were the favourite! I loved you in the Blue Lagoon but lost track of you, until Confessions of a Teen Idol. You are obviously more grounded than the other guys, and definitely more attractive! I agree with the focus group that you should continue revitalizing your acting career. I would lose the sexy body shots - although personally I don't mind them - I think you'd be more credible as an actor if you had professional shots.
    Good luck Chris.... hope to see u on prime time soon!

  7. You have what it takes...that "something special" that is uniquely you and only you... never doubt yourself...you're amazing and you have touched so many lives, for which, I, personally, am greatful...you made a "geeky girl" feel beautiful for once in her awkward teenage life and gave her the hope that one day she too would find the man who loved her for who she really is...i owe you for that one...thanks.. ;O)

  8. make that "grateful"....sorry... =o)~

  9. I'm one of those who bought your posters and worshiped you when you were a teen idol.

    There's a photo right now in your gallery -#49 black and white with your hand up, it makes me want to fall in love with you all over again. That's the signed photo I want to hang on my wall now! (Two photos later in the gallery, the air brushed version from the same shoot? Not so much.)

    You're a quality man, and that's what Hollywood is missing and fans are starved for. Forget Redford, You could be this generation's Valentino . I want to see you making 4 sexy romantic movies a year, or an 8 part T.V. series like the europeans make or an American Telenovela.

    Continued success and we're so thrilled to see the spot light has found you again.

  10. I have watched your movies since I was a girl, and I specifically watched confessions of a teen idol because you were on it. I think the relationship you have with your daughter is wonderful, and you seem like a great Dad and talented person. I certainly hope that I keep seeing you on the screen and on TV. However, I have searched for the name of that "upcoming pilot" that you were offered a role in courtesy of confessions of a teen idol and I have not been able to find info on it. I would love to see more links to your upcoming shows. Thanks so much for being you!

  11. Hi Chris,

    I saw a clip of your last show and my heart melted when they
    showed Brittney in tears. The bond you share with her is
    so touching. She is like your "cheerleader" and I think it's wonderful! You are blessed to have each other!
    You seem like such a great father. So excited to hear that you were
    offered a pilot! Romantic comedy! PERFECT!! There are sooooo
    many silly(ie: bad) shows on now! It will be great to see you on
    a sitcom! You have a great sense of humor! RUN WITH IT!!

    PLEEEEAAASE DON'T get caught up in the push for plastic surgery or wearing clothes that you DON'T LIKE! Just be you!! I think you
    look fantastic!!!
    I would hate to see your eyebrows going north and cheeks going
    toward the back of your head! LOL! NOT A GOOD LOOK.... EVER!!!
    Stay wonderful and best wishes to you!!

  12. Christopher, I will miss seeing you every Sunday but look forward to this new pilot! Can't wait to see you in your next project and I really enjoyed the little chats on VH1 website. Best of Luck and much love, TammyD

  13. Christopher, I enjoyed watching you and the boys every Sunday night, although I'm disapointed I won't be seeing you every sunday night, I am looking forward to seeing you on T.V and the big screen ...I have always been a huge fan of yours, I'm so excited that you are back. You are and will always be my big MOVIE STAR crush.

  14. Hi Christopher,

    I'm commenting to let you know that younger fans really do enjoy watching you. I'm nineteen years old and love all the movies you've done. I'm enjoying watching all your reality television show and just want you to keep going! Your first movie was out 9 years before I was born but I still am such a fan of your work and I find you so compelling and still SOOOO attractive. Keep going because I will support you all the way!
    Wishing you lots of luck and love, A.

  15. Chris, I'm thinking the question you have is less about if you have what it takes and more about if you're even interested.

    The question is are you interested in acting again? If you are, there are lots of women that will warm up to you.

    I think it is important for you to identify what kind of role suits you best. From what I've seen of you so far, you would do well in romantic, good guy, father type roles. Stop judging your worth, or being harsh on yourself and focus on the joy you will bring others through your sensitive acting.

  16. You are a great actor. Keep it going. There are all kind of roles out there for you. Keep the faith!

  17. Chris,

    Just wanted to say hi, and glad to hear you are doing well - remembering our tennis matches back in the day - met you at heart association tennis tourney in LONG BEACH, about 18 years ago and then we hooked up a few times up in the valley to play - Mike M. 562-884-3009 is my cell

  18. Chris, I just got through watching my "taped" shows of Confessions..and I googled you and found this website. I just wanted to tell you that someday you will be where you want to be, again, as a working actor. You have what it takes...a calm sincerity, and a gorgeous face! I'm sorry to say that the "looks" part is important, but honey, you are just too cute! Good Luck! CatheeM

  19. Stumbling upon Confessions prompted me to buy The Pirate Movie - just to enjoy the film again.

    I look forward to seeing you in other projects.

  20. Chris-

    I loved you on Confessions of a Teen Idol. Of all the cast I wanted most of all for you to succeed and find peace with yourself within the industry. Best of luck!

  21. I don't normally do this sort of thing, but I just wanted to say something I noticed. My sister was watching this show (I hadn't even heard of it) so I IMDb'd all of you to see if there had been an impact on your careers from this crazy appearance.

    You and David seem to be doing not so badly! You have a ton of stuff in post or pre production! Your list is long! How can they say you were a has-been? You've aged very nicely.

    It's too bad America has a love affair with reality TV, and that solid people like you (and your real life) become entertainment for people.

    I just wish you the very very best.

  22. Hey Chris,
    I am in shock because I just saw you at my local walmart in Concord NC. I was so stuned I could not even say anything but really wanted to!! I am a big fan and loved you on Confessions of a teen idol. Just wanted you to know your fans are out there!! We want to see more of you!


  23. Chris darling :
    I loved you on Confessions of a Teen Idol

  24. this blog needs to be updated - keep us posted - we are very interested in you and your career

  25. Hey Chris, I think you.re an amazing very talented person...Hope you can make a trip to Vancouver sometime soon

  26. Chris,
    Forget that acting and focus on pools! Theres millions more to be made in it...
    My eye recently caught a blurb regarding your new career. I own a small company in CT myself and trying to break into building pools of my own. My specialty is servicing what you are currently building: High-End and exclusive. In the past, I've worked for two of the most prominent builders in the area. So, to say the least, I have a lot of experience.
    I see that you are originally from Rye, NY. If you ever find yourself with leads back East-side and wish to plant a few of these pools in the ground, I've got the resources to make it happen. In any case--and, I know this is a shot in the dark--I'd love to chat with you sometime about this.
    --I did a web search to find your company name and had no luck. I felt this blog may be the best way to get a hold of you.

    -Eric Olsen
    Slippin Pools, LLC

  27. Hey Chris, if you would have moved out the way of my forkball, i was coming back with the HARD slider, Man, I'm really sorry about your dad, I am so glad I had a chance to meet him at your B-day party, never did this blog thing before, but we don't have blogs in the ghetto, if we need to get a message to someone we just call the police...........at one last thing...WHERE B THE WHITE WOMEN???????? hurry back to cali so I can give you the 411 on the hood rat...peace....sign captain midnight

  28. Hi there hon ... I just wanted to say that as far as I'm concerned, you never lost anything ... you just forgot you had it.

    You are a success in anything you do, as long as it makes you happy. If you believe in yourself and everything you do, everyone else will believe in you too. xoxox

  29. O for crying out loud what a bunch of crap

  30. Hi Chris,

    I am from India. I've heard about you being starred in a supernatural thriller 'Hidden' alongwith two Malaysian beauties and an Indian Super Model. How was the experience and if you can please let us know moree about it.


  31. Good guys should always win, been a fan for many years, have tried to keep up, but lost you somewhere along the way. Yes he's a great guy, was at his Daighter's graduation from film school....you can see he's a great person and Dad. Best wishes, guys like you need to be on the screen!!

  32. Hi, Chris,
    I live in Ireland. I've just finished watching you in a movie called 'Caved In' with our own Colm Meaney. I enjoyed it very much - even though I don't like creepy crawlies. It must have been difficult acting with all those special effects.
    I wish you good health and continued success in your acting career.

  33. Hi ya Chris, I am watching a movie with you in it right now which has brought back memories of you going thru my line at Safeway Palm Desert a hundred life times ago. I used to see you at the drag races in Pamona too. Anyway I want to thank you for always being so kind. I hope your life is full of Blessings, Love, and many successes!

  34. Hi Chris,

    I just recently watched your movie The Blue Lagoon and I thought it was fantastic.

    From there I watched several of your films immediately after and saw you on youtube at some red carpets, press events, talk shows etc.

    that led me to confessions of a teen idol. I really think you've got a good attitude about things and really seemed to take the show for what it was.

    I think you do still have what it takes to do a show today right now. I think you have a like-able face and personality.

    if the producers expect everyone to have a really loud personality they really are missing out on something.

    I do think you could have explained in more depth what kind of role you would want to go for.

    I certainly see you as someone who could carry a character and are very much like a Michael J. Fox.

    I don't think that The Blue Lagoon was big for your acting, but I think that it exposed you for the charming guy that you are.

    I don't know if you'll ever get this, I'll try to mail it to your fan mail too just to try to make sure you get it.

    The point is, you've probably moved on a lot since this show, but in case you still are having your doubts, you still have a lot of potential and could totally do a TV show or movie.

    Have a great day and keep on going :)

    even without another big hit I'm sure with your attitude you'll have a great life.

  35. Hi Chris,
    I saw you yesterday at LAX and sat behind you on the plane to Charlotte. I'm not one to bother people in their private lives, so I didn't come up to you, but I just wanted to share how impressed I was with the way you handled yourself in public. I was in Malibu seeing my son and, honestly, hate that he lives in that superficial atmosphere. I felt better about it after watching you just be "a regular person" in public and not acting like anyone should treat you differently. Thanks for showing grace and character. I'm much encouraged that my generalizations of all LA people has been blown to pieces!! Blessings.

  36. You rock my world !

    Isabel from Sweden

  37. I LOVE UUU
    please do a movie so i can go see plaeseeeee!! love
    ur#1 fan
    catherine from Florida

  38. 30 years since the pirate movie was released and I have convinced werribee mansion hotel where it was filmed to have a themed party to celebrate. Would be awesome if Christopher could attend!